[styledbox type= »information » ]Design Keys is looking for administrators to develop the english side of the platform. Please get in touch at contact@bricks-studio.com if interested.[/styledbox]

Welcome on design-keys.org.  It is a collaborative platform w here designers, managers, researchers, will be able to give and exchange ideas about design. This platform has two sides :
– A blog side : where people can tell their own stories and opinions.
– A wiki mod : where people can collaborate about generic descriptions for the profession.
It is currently in French + English, with the possibility of extending it to more languages in the future.
The starting point is that experience design in general is not a well-known domain. So there is a need to tell people and the industry a bit more about it.
The platform is run by volunteers, like projects such as Wikipedia. It is made at zero cost with a wordpress+buddypress engine and with the support of some design organisms for communication. You can contact the team on the site’s development discussion thread.

Interested ? Create an account then à write articles or simplely discuss with others.